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For over 250 years the Triebels are active as gunsmiths.

In the year 1750 Christian Friedrich Triebel in Suhl created his “manufactury of first-class customs and luxury rifles”.

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1935 Walter Triebel took over the Berlin gunshop of his father-in-law Paul Thom and handed it 1969 over to his son Klaus (Friedrich Paul) Triebel.

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Klaus Triebel developed the family business under allied administration to the most prominent gunshop in West Berlin.

It is now hardly to believe that the Berlin citizens were not allowed to store their guns at home. For every movement - in or out of Berlin - we needed a transport permit by the allies and the Berlin police. This unfortunate situation ended after 42 years with the German Unity.


Since 2004 the former juniors Katja Triebel und Kristian Triebel are owner of the gunshop and gained a firm place in the sporting gun sector and exports.

Meanwhile we are recognized "Tuning Specialists" for pistols, revolvers and precision rifles.


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You will also find hunting rifles and accessories in our shop. In our own workshop we mount, repair and modify guns for shooters and hunters.


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